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On what terms do you provide TYCOONITA systems?
The TYCOONITA systems are leased on attractive conditions.
Our info-hotline service staff will be happy to advise you.

What are the installation costs?
If the water and power connection is already available, standard installation is included in the price. If further sanitary and/or electric expenditures are incurred, additional expenses may arise at cost.

There is no water / power connection at the site designed for the TYCOONITA system? Is it a problem?
As a matter of principle, our contract engineers are in a position to lay water / current pipes through walls, and hence to ensure the supply of the desired site.

Who performs the system installation?
The TYCOONITA dispenser system is installed by one of our experienced sanitary contract partners.

How long does installation take?
As a rule, standard installation does not take longer than an hour

Does installation cause dirt / pollution?
This depends on potential drilling work, which may be the case if it becomes necessary to install a water or power line.

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