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Contact TYCOONITAUnique filter system

The Tycoonita waterfilter is the heart of the dispenser and provides you with clear and fresh water.

When you order a Tycoonita water dispenser you will regularly receive a new filter to assure the optimum in waterquality.

Step 1: Sediment filter

As first filtration step the Sediment filter eliminates water-based impurities and pollutants bigger than 5 thousandth millimetres.

Step 2: Pre-carbon filter

To remove organic compounds, the Pre-carbon filter uses compressed carbon. It reduces chlorine and many organic compounds to a minimum, leaving important minerals in the water and improving odour and flavour.

Step 3: Membrane filter

Hollow fiber filters down to 0.01 - 0.04 thousandth millimetres in size screen out any harmful foreign substances in the water. Only those mineral substances that promote good health are able to get through.

Step 4: Post-carbon filter

The final element in the water purification processs ensures the complete elimination of any unsavoury odours and colouring agents, delivering water that is colourless, fresh-tasting and pure.

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